about us

Vento Sul Inc. is a purveyor of fine linen goods who specializes in convention and event linen. Our location is in South Orlando and we are happy to serve and satisfy our large Service industry, both locally and nationally.

We have over 30 years in the service industry, specializing in events and conventions, so we know linen and our clients very well. We provide items that are easy to use and also durable. You will not find skirts and clips here at Vento Sul! All our covers cut set up time into fractions and look better than traditional covers.

Vento Sul Incorporated Location
Red Serpentine Spandex -- Simple and Easy Set Up Solution

Simple and Easy Set Up Solution

Vento Sul is dedicated to providing high quality linens in a variety of materials and colors at the lowest prices. We specialize in scuba and spandex covers and understand their appeal and ease of assembly. We work directly with our manufacturer and offer our items well below industry prices, there are no middle men or resellers here, and the savings are passed down to our clients. We strive to have common products at hand and ready to ship immediately, but are also very flexible and can create special custom linens in a variety of colors and shapes with minimal wait times